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Perbacco Liquori was born in 2020 with the idea of ​​creating a range of high quality premium liqueurs.

The element common to all the formulas at the base of our products is the ginger root, called rhizome, which is carefully selected.


The first product of the range is Zenzero, a liqueur with a strong and full-bodied taste thanks to the considerable amount of ginger root present. It is an excellent after-meal, it helps digestion thanks to the high digestive properties of ginger and leaves the mouth clean and fresh.

Subsequently, Zenzerin was born, the alter ego of Zenzero , excellent as an after-meal but also suitable as a mix for cocktails thanks to the finer filtering performed in the pre-bottling phase.


To the taste, both Zenzero and Zenzerin are pleasant, sweet and spicy at the same time. At the first taste the sweet taste is initially noticed and then perceived that spicy aftertaste carefully balanced during the creation of the formulas, typical of ginger.

Following the great success of these two products, the range expands  with  other 3 products always based on ginger with  Nero, a liqueur based on ginger and very pure spezzatina licorice, Orange  based on Sicilian ginger and orange e  

Turmeric, the flagship of the range, made with ginger, turmeric root and a pinch of black pepper.

Parallel to the main collection based on ginger, two other products are born, always characterized by carefully chosen and strictly natural ingredients: Grappa al honey, based on the pomace of the Asti area and Italian acacia honey and Genepy, based on alpine mugwort of the  Alps  Central.

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